In Artificial Intelligence, humans and machines collaborate to empower each other. In the Euskadi, organizations are an active part of this ecosystem.

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About BAIC, the keys

BAIC, the Basque Artificial Intelligence Center, is tackling some of the biggest technological and social challenges in our history

BAIC is:

A space for public-private collaboration for the promotion of AI in Euskadi

An instrument for the rapid adoption of AI by industry

A laboratory for experimentation and acceleration of AI projects

A pathway to position Euskadi as a hub for industrial AI

About us

The implementation of the BAIC has been driven by a promoter group that brings together different types of organizations: large companies, startups, ICT providers, knowledge agents and the Basque Government. And to promote this initiative, we collaborate with different organizations

What we do?

Euskadi is a leading territory in the development and application of knowledge in Artificial Intelligence

Our mission is to accelerate the implementation of AI in the Basque industry

We have a shared ecosystem and shared objectives among different types of stakeholders

AI providers
(established and





Activity areas

BAIC fulfills its mission through the development of different areas of activity that, when combined, allow us to build complete solutions to complex AI challenges


Identify, reinforce and coordinate existing AI capabilities in Euskadi.

Capabilities and Talent

Promote, develop, retain and attract AI-related talent.

Data strategy

Development of data sovereignty and data economy based on open standards.

Applied AI

Identify unique use cases and encourage the
creation of new companies.


Dissemination of AI and positioning of
Euskadi as a hub of industrial AI.
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